Snow Football

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Snow Football

ages: 9-11
play space: Open area
Snowy space
number of players: 10
play it with: Other stuff

How to play:

Find an open space to play — best places would be a backyard or nearby park. 

Fill spray bottles with a mix of water and food coloring, mark out a large rectangular area to become the playing field.

Have the two teams line up at opposite ends of the field for the kickoff. When someone on the other side (receiving team) catches the ball, they try to run across the other team’s goal line by running with the ball or passing it to a teammate.

The play stops if the player is tagged by an opponent or falls/slides out of bounds. The play then resumes on the spot, where the opponent went out of bounds. Each team should get four tries to score a touchdown or the ball goes to the other team.

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