Winter Olympics

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Winter Olympics

ages: all ages
play space: Open area
Hard surface
Soft surface
Walled space
Ball diamond
Snowy space
number of players: Many
play it with: Other stuff

How to play:

Create a mini winter Olympics with the following event ideas:

Long Jump — Draw a starting line in the snow. Children stand at the starting line and jump as far as they can. Compare footprints to see who jumped the farthest.               

Snowball Throw — Children stand at a starting line to see how far they can throw snow balls.   

Snow Pile Hurdles — The children can help make piles of snow, then run through the area jumping over the piles as they come to them.               

Snow Obstacle Course — Use the piles of snow from the hurdle course. Set up a course where they jump over one, hop around the next, etc.

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