Snow Tag

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Snow Tag

ages: all ages
play space: Snowy space
number of players: Many
play it with: No equipment

How to play:

Just like normal tag the group must decide decide who is "it"

The person who is it person will be the one who chases the others. The organizer can decide on a "safe" zone. 

Suggestions for safe zones include one of the slides on the playground, or it might be someplace else. The safe zone is an area where a player can run to and be safe from being tagged as the it person.       

The person who is it gives the other players a head start about 10 seconds or more is best. The person who is it count to 10 outloud and yells "GO" and then start chasing the others. 

Everyone who is not "it" will run away from the person who is "it" and not try to get tagged. If the person who is "it" gets close to a player they can, try to run to the "safe" place.                

The person who is "it" will try to touch another player. Once the "it" player taps another person, the player who has been tagged is now "it".              

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