Snow Archery

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Snow Archery

ages: all ages
play space: Open area
Walled space
Snowy space
number of players: Many
play it with: Other stuff

How to play:

What you need to play: Snow, paper, paint

First start by creating a target using a paper or a square of cardboard from a cardboard box.

Paint or draw circles with a small circle in the middle to be the bullseye and larger circles outlining the bulls eye.

Each ring should be given a point value. The most points should be allocated to the smaller rings closer to the center and the greatest amount of points given for the bullseye.

Hang the target up on a wall, fence or tree at shoulder height.               

Make snowballs to throw at the target, if you don't have snow get creative and use something else, even a tennis ball.               

Mark a standing line to throw from. Have the participants take turns throwing three snowballs each and keep track of the score. The person with the highest score is the winner!

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