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ages: 9-11
play space: Open area
number of players: Many
play it with: Ball
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How to play:

You will need a basketball hoop and a basketball to play this game.

The first player can shoot from anywhere on the court. If the first player makes the first shot, all other players must make the same shot from the same position. If a players makes the shot, he/she receives an "H," the first letter from "horse" and can shoot again from where a fouls shot line might be. When that player misses the shot it is the next person's turn to go but they must get the rebound of the first persons shot. Where ever they catch the rebound ball is where the second player must shoot from. If the second person makes their shot they get a letter and can shoot again, from the "foul shot" line. 

The game continues until someone has received all five letters in "horse."


Younger kids might enjoy PIG, the shorter version of this game.

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