Rating: 3.9

Categories: Tag Games,

ages: 6-9, 9-11, 12+,

play space: Open area,

number of players: Many,

play it with: No equipment,


Get to the other side without being tagged and turned into Seaweed.
The last Fish (the last person to be tagged) wins.

How to play:

Designate a large play area and chose one person to be the Octopus. The Octopus is "It" and stands in the middle of the play space at the beginning of each round.             

The rest of the players are Fish and line up at one end of the play area. The Octopus will yell "Octopus!" or "Go!" and the Fish must run to the other end of the play space while the Octopus chases after them and tries to tag them.            

If a Fish is tagged then the Fish becomes Seaweed and they must stand where they were tagged for the rest of the game. Seaweed can then help the Octopus tag Fish during the next round as long as the Fish come close enough for the Seaweed to tag them without moving from their spot.             

When the Octopus yells again, the Fish must run back to the other side of the play area without being tagged by the Octopus or the Seaweed. This keeps happening, with the Fish running back and forth when the Octopus yells, until only one Fish is left and the rest are all Seaweed.             

The last Fish standing is the winner and can be the Octopus for the next game.


Contributed By: Heart Niagara Inc.

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