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ages: 6-9
all ages
play space: Hard surface
Snowy space
number of players: 10
play it with: Ball
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How to play:

This game is best played on a skating rink. With at least 10 kids divided evenly on to teams, set up two goals, one at each end of the rink.               

Use a medium-sized plastic ball to play this game, if you can play with a ball about twice the size of a softball. For a greater challenge, use two balls instead of just one.

Broomball is played like hockey, passing the ball with the brooms among players to score against the opposite team.                 

Off-sides can be called when a player from the team in possession of the ball enters the offensive zone before the ball.               

You can choose to set time limits. For most games three 10-minute running periods is generally long enough. Have each team switch sides at the end of each period. Remember to start each period with a face off in the center of the rink, every goal scored will also be followed by a face off.

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